Friday, November 21, 2008

What styles your Tresses?

Ok girls we all know that you didn't just roll outta bed with that hair, so what styles ur tresses? I have three go-to products that I use often to style my hair, course this excludes and serums and pre-styling products. My first hair styling fave is

Short Sexy Hair Dry Wax- It is in a spray form, which I like as of the moment, while sometimes I do revert back to the jar o' wax (but I always hated how sticky it was).

Next I am absolutely smittened with the Catwalk Root Pump Spray...lovves it!! When applied on wet hair, and then blown out, this gives a natural boost to my hair.

And for those nights(usually)when I am going out for a good time, I make a b-line to my Backcomb in a Bottle(What a Tease), by Big Sexy Hair. I will spray it from the roots and out about an inch, then without letting hair down, I will take my blow dryer to it for about 10 seconds. This will leave my hair standing straight up for a second, and once product is completely dry I take a brush and comb my hair out and over the top of where I sprayed.
Its not as confusing as I just made it sound, sorry :(

These are the styling products of my choice for now, what are yours?

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