Friday, November 21, 2008

I need Your Help Girls

Sorry I've been away this last week, but I have been really busy with work and school. Any how I am looking into hair extensions, and wanted to ask if any of you have experience with Cosmo Prof (human hair) extensions. I will try to get some soon, so I if you got any advice...LETS HEAR IT!

So Im pretty excited for that. The reason I want to get hair extensions is because I will be going on a vacation in December, and we ALWAYS take lots o' pics, so personally I would love to have long hair in those photos(b/c these photos will come back to haunt me).

Also I am looking into starting a new skin care regimine, something to keep the blemishes away!!

Items I am considering-
1 Philosophy's Kit for Congested Skin
2 PerriconeMD Acne Spot Treatment (I think that is the name)
* And since I have not experince with the first product I would also be interested in anyone with experience with this product

And the reason I don't have any photos on my last few posts is b/c my camera is not cooperating, so I will try to work with it....

See ya'll fab ladies later!


Pinklipssstick said...

I've never had human hair extensions, but I got some Jessica Simpson ones and I really like those. The straight hair ones are supposed to last more than a year--they're also pretty easy to put on.

I bought some from this seller because it was such a good deal, and the swatches are really accurate too.

Kimberly Tia said...

hey girl

saw your posting and i saw a great video by PurseBuzz...

you can check it out here, but it inspired me to want to try extensions too!

enjoy an good luck!!

StyleVixenMUA said...

Thanks I'll check that out!