Saturday, November 8, 2008

Peely lips solution

So I had a bit of a dilemma, so many lipsticks, but my lips were really peely, especially when I wore lipglasses. So I was going to buy the Sugar Lips by Laura Gellar, which I still am going to buy(at some point), but since Sephora was out of it when i went, the lady showed me something a bit cheaper, and pretty nice, the Tarte FRXtion lip scrub. This product is so cute! But the real reason I so adore this product is that it is in fact real sugar(and no I haven't tried to eat it yet:). This makes for a really great scrub, and once I got past the first layer, it started to lather on my lips(not too much). And then on the other side of the lip stick, it is a Vitamin E, vanilla lip balm to sooth and heal your lips. Overall I feel that for 11 dollars(Laura Gellar Sugar Lips is 16 dollars), this product is very effective and does a good job; though I need to test out the other lip scrub to determine which is best(I would bet on the Sugar Lips scrub by L.G.). So for all you ladies worrying about peely lips, Please save yourself the drama and take my advice, exfloliate a couple times a week, somehow, and then use a soothing lip balm afterwards; it will save your lips from looking tragic all winter long!

And look at the cute little mirror that flips open when you take off the lid...awwwww

And as always...Stay Fabulous!

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