Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nails, Nails, Nails

I am officially an OPI collector.

As most of you know, OPI is just about one of the best polish brands out there for the public, and I have started to really build on my modest OPI collection(to date I have 11). And I have been buying a new polish each week(at least), and so here is my favourite colors for this week, and last week(since I didn't get to posting the blog earlier). For this week I have decided to give into my most natural instinct, and head for a nudie-pinky color, to match my tan! And thanks to sephora's amazing face tanner, body tanner, and my sugar Tropic Tan bronzer, I can finally say that!

So the color I got for my light pink color is....from S'ephora by OPI-A True Romantic'. Oh it is so gorgeous on my skin tone, which is about a NC25-30 at the moment. But this is more of a milky pink as you can see in the photo, and very sheer.

The colors of choice for the last two weeks or so are OPI's- Black Onyx, and Charged up Cherry. The latter is a fun and bright color, but I didn't wear it that long, I don't know why that is...hmmm. But the Onyx was gorgeous and since I am loving the black nail polish trend, I will probably be switching to this one on and off for a while more.

Lets see...So I felt like Charged up Cherry is so fresh and a bit wild, so I would typically wear this on a day that I am dressing a bit ecclectic, and cutsie :) So there it is, my fav's of the past two weeks, and I will definitely be updating you all on my newest color craves and fav's.

And don't forget, so you'll always remember...Stay Fabulous!

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