Saturday, November 29, 2008

NYX Round Lippies Arrived!!

Sorry for the break, but I have a NYX round lipstick haul for ya'll! So unfortunately I was pretty disappointed when I saw that some of the colors I ordered were not very neutral, as I had expected them to be. So here they are from left to right:

Rea, Baby Pink, Aphrodite, B52, Femme, Rose, Chloe, Peach

So I was played, oh how was I fooled into getting these colors. The ones towards the left, which are more neutral, are alot brighter than they looked on the website, unfortunately I assumed that the website swatches were accurate. Well they aren't. So I figure that this was a great chance to try out colors that I would not spend the money on otherwise(like at MAC), but thankfully these were only 2 dollars each.

My new favorite colors are actually quite surprising though, Femme and Rose, which are extremely close in color, so much that it is hard to see any difference at all.

The difference though is that Femme has a more orange base color, while Rose is more bright pink. When I wear these together I get a very bright and fun look, I'm so loving it at the moment. And as a close second, I like Baby Pink(light lavender) and Aphrodite(deep berry) just because I would have never bought these colors, and I most definitely do not have any dupes for these in my collection.

The color that I will probably never use has to be Rea. This is the very first color on the left, and it is a very chalky taupe color. When I put this on my lips it was awful, not a good match for my skin, and for a nude color, I have to say I'm not impressed.

I'm still deciding what I think of Chloe(bright fuchsia), but I respect this color as something i could use for only specific occasions, like a party or anything that calls for some craziness!

And as for peach, well that color is kind of useless to me, it's a bit too mundane while brighter than what I would use everyday. So while I like it in the tube, I don't see myself putting this one on anytime soon.

Now since this was the second time I ventured outside MAC for lipsticks, I have to say, MAC is always the better choice when it comes to quality. No duh..huh? I understood that the quality would be cheaper, so I'm completely fine, in fact I like having cheaper lipsticks to mess around with, but when it comes to application, formula, color and stay-ability(sorry for lack of other words), MAC is still my number one.

As for the haul, I enjoyed this because it was like Christmas, I had no idea what I was gonna get, and indeed I was surprised. If your interested in trying NYX I would suggest you look at Lollipop26's blog for a better and more wearable selection of round lipsticks.

Have a great weekend Beauties!

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