Thursday, November 6, 2008

MAC Holiday Collections

First let me just say, WOW, I truly felt like a little kid on Christmas morning the moment I opened my MAC package. So the packaging is gorgeous, and when you open the box the product packaging is equally as gorgeous; ok something you should know now, I'm a sucker for great packaging. Well anyhow I loved everything about the way the adoring carmine face brush set was presented, but I do have a complaint. Now I understand that the brushes in the Holiday collection are mass produced, but I found that out after I got the products. So why does this matter? Well the original MAC brushes are hand made, which explains the great quality of the brushes(or so I think). And the only reason I noticed a difference is because the 187 sheds like crazy when I use it for my liquid foundation.

So that is my only qwam with the brush set. Now I am in love with the Fascinating Ruby-Smokey Eye Palette from the Passions of Red Collection. First off the palette is so beautiful. The colors in the palette, well I have to admit that I am slightly disappointed when it comes to the variety of finishes. I was thinking that it was going to be half matte and half sparkly, well only one of the shadows is completely matte, while the others are at least a bit sparkley, and one of the shadows appears to be full on glitter(well it isnt really, but you get the picture). So for me it was not all I had hoped for, but overall I am still so happy to have purchased the palette, if not purely from a collector's standpoint.

Just a heads up, I have got quite a few product reviews on the way in the next week so until next time, stay fabulous!

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