Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ten Minutes 2 'a-la-Naturale'?

If your anything like me, you always wake up at least half hour late, and your makeup routine suffers. In the past my beauty routine has at times, taken anywhere from 45 min's to an hour! I know please don't tell me, its quite obsessive. But I have streamlined my morning routine, and guess what, its far more natural looking too.

To start I rub my face tanner/moisturizer all over(after I wash my face), then I spray FIX+ all over. Once my face is dry, I use a face primer, right now that is the sample version of Make Up Forever HD Primer. After that has soaked in, I will then use my 190 foundation brush(this one is from the Holiday Brush Set) and my MAC Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation. This foundation gives medium coverage and allows a slightly dewy look, so I definitely like it (and often I will use some sort powder to set my foundation), and when I need to cover a pesky blemish I use my Studio Finish Concealer(but it is one shade lighter than my skin tone-always remember that) and dab that on with my fingers.

Next I need a bit of colour on my cheeks so a nice neutral look with a bit of peachy colour, and for that I love NARS Madly blush; or I will go for a bronzer.

The Blush Brush pictured here is the 169 Brush, Good Investment for Blush fanatics

So there was a while there when I wouldn't even leave my house without some sort of eye shadow on my lids...well no more. My new favourite makeup products that I try to focus on are my blush and lipstick/lip gloss. As you might guess, that already has helped my time issue tremedously. My number one eye products, that I have used everyday for the last month(yes, really), are 1. Bare Study Paint(Mac), 2.Dior Iconic Mascara(If you would like to know more I'll put up my review; but it is amazing), 3.Shu Uemura Lash Curler, 3. Maybelline Liquid(waterproof) liner in black, and 4. Graphblack Technakohl Liner(Mac).

All I do is put a dab of the Bare Study paint(MAC) all over each lid, then line the top of my lids with liquid liner in black(any brand will work), line the waterline with black(the technakohl liner), curl lashes with the Shu Uemura Curler(the best curler ever), and finish with two coats of Dior Iconic(or the mascara of your choice, preferable one that holds the curl).

And the last thing to do, but definitely not least is to apply a lip product. I am loving a dewy, nude lip with Sugarrimmed Dazzleglass, and this kind of pulls my look together, and brightens my face. I have been using the Heidi Klum Lipstick(limited edition), with sugarrimmed on top.

This is all I use

So all you need is ten minutes to achieve a beautiful, natural, and glowy look!
And thanks for reading, Stay Beautifully Fabulous!

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Daniela said...

Wow good routine! it's always so hard to cut down. always one more sweep of this or spritz of that.. and before you know it, you're terribly late.

how do you like the sephora bronzer? i've been trying to find a good one for my face that doesn't leave me orange.