Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Holiday Nails

What is it about the changing of the season that makes me so ready for the Holidays, is it the mall santas, the Starbucks Seasonal Blend, the cold air(and pulling out my winter coats and boots), or the thought that a month break from school is just around the corner(LOL I love being a student). Either way, the sound of Christmas music and the crisp winter air has officially gotten me ready for holidays, so of course I've got two things on my mind, one: I need to watch a good Christmas movie, and two: Need to wear red polish. So when I went out to buy my weekly nail polish, I was on a mission: to find the perfect Holiday-red polish. So on my way to school I stopped by my local beauty supply to check out the OPI laquers. The color I decided on is "Quarter of a Cent-Cherry", and it is such a deep and fabulous creme-red to wear during the winter season. I would describe this color as a bit deeper than traditional red, but not really burgandy, which is why I love it so much. But that is my little speil, I hope that everyone else is enjoying their week, and maybe I'm a little nuts, but are you going to be sporting red nails this winter?

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