Saturday, October 31, 2009

Making it Happen

These last two weeks have been just about the most eventful two weeks I have had in a while..or at least in a positive way. First off I just turned 21 two weeks ago!!! And let me tell you I now know why people love happy hour so much. But that is besides the point, the real point I am shooting at is that I have spent wads and wads of cash on many things, and while my wallet lays empty in my purse, I am surprisingly at ease, and more importantly I am absolutely STOKED!!

Now I can't delay the biggest news any longer, so here it is, I just purchased and received my very first makeup artist brush belt!!!! I was browsing the Sephora site just for kicks(because of the friends and family sale of course), and somehow it went from "I'm defintely not buying anything", to "hey lets see how much the belt would cost with the discount", to "oh my gosh I must have this, and now!" Well this turnaround took all of a days time, but I had my justifications you know, in fact I am counting the days til I am going to a makeup artist in a runway show in just a few weeks.

So just a brief low down on the loot, I received 15 sephora professional brand brushes in this belt, and the belt can be worn over the shoulder or around the waist.

Ok so I was absolutely stoked when I had placed the order, I tracked it on UPS everyday, and you would think that would be enough to keep me satisfied for at least a little while. Now don't get me wrong, I WAS, AM, and will continue to be STOKED about the brush belt. But somehow on my trip to visit my boyfriend's family in LA I found myself perusing the Sephora website yet again(and this was literally like 2-3 days later, tops!) But anywhoo I randomly came across the Sephora Monopoly(which this is the very first I had heard of it). Long story made short, I bought one because if I REALLY LOVE makeup the way I claim to, then why wouldn't I buy it? Oddly enough it seems like this never took off as much as I would have imagined; I believe it came out in 2003 or 2004...and those are really rough guesses. It is currently scheduled to arrive on the 3rd of November, so I am getting very excited.

In other news I have made a little bit of a career plan for myself, and I thought it would be fitting to share it with all of you, because while I do plan to graduate from college with a B.A. in the next 1 1/2 years, I feel that with my everlasting obsession with hair and nails and makeup I NEED to give Cosmetology school a try. Not marinellos or some fancy private college, but I know of a community college by my family's house that has a really great program. I plan to become a hair stylist and hopefully branch out meanwhile into makeup artistry, so here's to dreaming!!

And I can't seem to get the pics up at this time, so I am going to work on that, I am so not good at computer stuff.

Have a fabulous Halloween!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Things I am Loving

So I have switched up my makeup routine, as usually, and I have been in a none stop frenzy to perfect my look. Let me share the deets of my lastest a greatest makeup addictions...

Here is a numbered list, to keep things more orderly
1. Dark Room Nail Polish (Sephora by OPI)- loves loves loves it; touch up every 2 days to keep its amazing color vibrant(thats just a personal preference, not neccessary by any means)

2. Aquolina Pink Sugar Perfume- Heaven in a bottle; can't leave home without it on

3. My shorter hair, it keeps creeping up shorter and shorter; and my stylist is absolutely the BEST; she gave me a blunt cut on the ends(so chic, so fresh)

4. I wear light pastel pink lipstick everyday now, and my current favorite(though still debating Snob and St. Germain) is Babydoll by LORAC. It is absolutely stunning and creamy on the application, well worth every dollar I paid for it(though please do send your suggestions for other colors; its quite an obsession at the moment)

5. MAC Fibre Rich Mascara, nice change from the drugstore brands, not sticky and clumpy like some mascaras

Have a great week Ladies and Gents..

At Long Last

Life as a student is a little different for me these days, as I am fresh off a nine month working(waiting tables)spree, and no school. And now as I am officially starting to call my university "home", it only makes sense to share all the exciting news with my fellow makeup junkies and fashionistas.

First off let me share you the not so amazing news; for one I have class, monday through friday, at 9AM! What sort of self-hating person does this; fyi, I am useless without coffee, and barely alive before 11am. Ok so enough of my rant. On to the good stuff.

As for school, I just attended my first Fashion Club meeting, and it was instant heaven for me, first order of business, talk of a runway show. We are going to be planning, promoting, and running a fashion show, and guess who's shooting for makeup artist of the models, none other than yours truly.

No guarrantee on whether or not this will work out for me, but I can dream. And onto the next order..

I am in utter bliss dreaming about changing my major to Fashion Merchandising...its in the planning stages, but cross your fingers for me, this might be the one...finally.

At long last I have settled into a routine that is suitable to a practically "empty-pocketed" student, and things are changing. To be specific it has more to do with my Starbucks habit than makeup, but I am just too proud of myself to hold it in. First off you must know my backround/love-affair with Starbucks 'Venti-3pump-Vanilla-Iced-Coffee'. I started drinking this about 2 years ago now; it began when I had this horridly boring sociology class, for 2hrs two days a week, and the chairs had really low backrests(as to prevent sleeping I'm sure). So undoubtedly this led to coffee on campus, then coffee off campus, then from there its all a blur. I have spent alot of money my iced coffees over these past two years, and seeing as I am officially out of the house(parent's house), my situation called for a change.

Anywhoo thats the spiel and here is my solution, I just purchased my very first coffee maker, a bag of ground coffee beans, a novelty Starbucks Venti Iced Coffee Cup(reusable, and limited edition), a pitcher to chill the coffee in(in the fridge), and my very own Starbucks Vanilla syrup. So I made my very first Iced Coffee last night and traipsed off to class this morning with homemade starbucks iced coffee...well I was proud at least.

Please please please let me know if you have any success stories about making your very own "homemade Starbucks Coffee", and feel free to share your own struggles, I would love to hear how you deal with the addiction...

Peace, Love, Fashion...and a whole lotta makeup

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wish List

MAC's new collection is officially available online, and since little ol' me broke open the piggy bank for my big move to the city, I decided to make a list of products I would have gotten(and will "shoot" for buying).

My Makeup Wish List-
1.Fuchsia Glitter- I saw it on DRBrooklyn and it looks amazing
2.Notoriety Quad- I love the neutrality of this quad; something that is wearable day and night, yet still sexy and noticeable.(would work great for a neutral smokey eye)

Now that being said, I have some eyeshadows that are not from any collection-
3.Club- GAWRGEOUS sexy, perfect shadow for a night out
4.Plumage- sooooo perfect, this matte shadow with club, yum!
5.Contrast/hepcat/beauty marked/trax-any and all of these would be next in line

As for the products i will spend the cash on, not sure just yet; I need to give the poor wallet a rest...

Stay Fabulous!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Studio Fix Fluid

Of coarse this may come as long overdue, and no suprise at all, but Studio Fix Fluid is now my favorite foundation, given that things go the way they have been. For reference here is the list of all the foundations I have tried:
Revlon Colorstay Foundation
MUFE HD Foundation
Bare Essentials Mineral Foundation

I bought SFF over a week ago now, and have been using it each day since. And my thoughts, it goes on easy, gives great coverage(while easily spreads out; buildable), and personally speaking, makes my skin look amazing. I still use my B.E. mineral foundation over, a tiny bit just to set my foundation and keep off the shine; this makes it last all day.

Why else do I absolutely love this foundation? Answer- I have gotten in the habit of reapplying/touching up my foundation multiple times everyday, but now that I am using SFF and B.E. mineral foundation I can go all day without touching up my skin. In fact I can even work(I wait tables and generally get a shiny face in the t-zone) and at the end of my shift my skin still looks flawless!

All in all I am sold on this product, Have you tried SFF?

Stay fabulous lovlies!

I'm impressed

So if you followed my last post, you will understand how excited I am right now, because I used my new B.E. Eye glimmers, and I was totally satitisfied. First off I must praise 'grace' glimmer for it's versatility and I loved it as an addition to my evening look. Used 'grace' in the inner third as I had originally planned, and then as an experiment I took it down to my cheek bones, right above my blush, and behold my new favorite combination: 'well-dressed' with B.E. 'grace' glimmer above. This took my look from day to night.

As for my eyeshadow combnation I desparately tried to refrain from using my any MAC, but I couldn't help myself. So in the end I used 'twig' on my 'outer v', Grace on the inner 1/3 of my lid with (and I hate to admit this) 'print' & 'folie' matte shadows by MAC. I know this was ultimately breaking the rules of my self-induced 'pain', but I couldn't resist, and boy am I glad I broke the rules. The outcome was a super se y/sultry look that lasted from day, and with a little extra shadow in the 'outer v' & crease; all the way into the evening.

I will be further experimenting with these shades, and my next shade will be firefly. I am once again day dreaming of which colors to best commpliment this gorgeous coppery shadow; will report the results soon with further reviews.
'Till then XOXO, Stay Fabulous ladies!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bare Essentials Eyes

Hey ladies, today is all about the brand that I first loved, and no it wasn't MAC. Today is the begining of a little experiment between my MAC products(starting with eye shadows), and Bare Essentials. Bare Essentials is known as a healthier alternative to many of the brands we all know and love(MAC in particular). For a while now I have been completely devoted to MAC products and quickly got accustomed to the quality of their lipsticks, eyeshadows, and blushes. But...of coarse I am shifting back and forth between B.E. and MAC because they both have alot to offer, as well as offering a little variety. So it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that I was back in B.E. today, scouting out my next eyeshadows. The three shadows I snatched up are grace, twig, and firefly. All of these are bordering the neutral and brown color categories, but I am uber excited to give these all a chance. My first challenge, a smokey eye fit for daytime, but a look that easily transfers to a sultry night look. I am headed to use these all for my date tommorrow night, and I fully intend on sharing all the deets with you(only about the colors and how my smokey eye looked of coarse!).

So I did attempt a swatch for you all, but after I saw how horribly my hands photographed, I decided to stick with the pics while the product remains INSIDE the packaging. So heres a peek of the loot:

The shadow on the very top, twig, is a brown/mauve/plum, which in turn looks like a rich brown from a distance. I plan to use this on my outer 2/3 of my lid. I have not decided yet whether or not to accompany 'firefly' in the 'outer v', or use a matte black or brown(my bets on the matte shadow).

As for the inner 1/3 of my lid grace is so far looking like a sure bet, and I actually want to take this color beyond just my lids. Because this color resembles Vanilla pigment(MAC), I am going to attempt a little highlighting action; which is why I was so enthusiastic about this one. In fact it was amusing that I kept picking this one while perusing all the eye glimmers at B.E.(which in my world meant it was truly fate for me to get 'grace'.

That's about it for my speil on B.E. shadows, and to keep updated on a play by play notice, follow me on my twitter under the username Stylevixenmua.
'Til then stay Fabulous ladies/gents!