Sunday, August 9, 2009

Studio Fix Fluid

Of coarse this may come as long overdue, and no suprise at all, but Studio Fix Fluid is now my favorite foundation, given that things go the way they have been. For reference here is the list of all the foundations I have tried:
Revlon Colorstay Foundation
MUFE HD Foundation
Bare Essentials Mineral Foundation

I bought SFF over a week ago now, and have been using it each day since. And my thoughts, it goes on easy, gives great coverage(while easily spreads out; buildable), and personally speaking, makes my skin look amazing. I still use my B.E. mineral foundation over, a tiny bit just to set my foundation and keep off the shine; this makes it last all day.

Why else do I absolutely love this foundation? Answer- I have gotten in the habit of reapplying/touching up my foundation multiple times everyday, but now that I am using SFF and B.E. mineral foundation I can go all day without touching up my skin. In fact I can even work(I wait tables and generally get a shiny face in the t-zone) and at the end of my shift my skin still looks flawless!

All in all I am sold on this product, Have you tried SFF?

Stay fabulous lovlies!


Aleksis said...

No breakouts or anything? I'm getting very tempted to try this!


StyleVixenMUA said...

@Aleksis- If you are looking for a foundation that is matte and and you are willing to shell out a little cash this is well worth your time.