Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wish List

MAC's new collection is officially available online, and since little ol' me broke open the piggy bank for my big move to the city, I decided to make a list of products I would have gotten(and will "shoot" for buying).

My Makeup Wish List-
1.Fuchsia Glitter- I saw it on DRBrooklyn and it looks amazing
2.Notoriety Quad- I love the neutrality of this quad; something that is wearable day and night, yet still sexy and noticeable.(would work great for a neutral smokey eye)

Now that being said, I have some eyeshadows that are not from any collection-
3.Club- GAWRGEOUS DARLING...so sexy, perfect shadow for a night out
4.Plumage- sooooo perfect, this matte shadow with club, yum!
5.Contrast/hepcat/beauty marked/trax-any and all of these would be next in line

As for the products i will spend the cash on, not sure just yet; I need to give the poor wallet a rest...

Stay Fabulous!

1 comment:

Krystallia said...

That poor wallet,how right you are :)) Please post your purchases when done!!