Thursday, September 17, 2009

At Long Last

Life as a student is a little different for me these days, as I am fresh off a nine month working(waiting tables)spree, and no school. And now as I am officially starting to call my university "home", it only makes sense to share all the exciting news with my fellow makeup junkies and fashionistas.

First off let me share you the not so amazing news; for one I have class, monday through friday, at 9AM! What sort of self-hating person does this; fyi, I am useless without coffee, and barely alive before 11am. Ok so enough of my rant. On to the good stuff.

As for school, I just attended my first Fashion Club meeting, and it was instant heaven for me, first order of business, talk of a runway show. We are going to be planning, promoting, and running a fashion show, and guess who's shooting for makeup artist of the models, none other than yours truly.

No guarrantee on whether or not this will work out for me, but I can dream. And onto the next order..

I am in utter bliss dreaming about changing my major to Fashion Merchandising...its in the planning stages, but cross your fingers for me, this might be the one...finally.

At long last I have settled into a routine that is suitable to a practically "empty-pocketed" student, and things are changing. To be specific it has more to do with my Starbucks habit than makeup, but I am just too proud of myself to hold it in. First off you must know my backround/love-affair with Starbucks 'Venti-3pump-Vanilla-Iced-Coffee'. I started drinking this about 2 years ago now; it began when I had this horridly boring sociology class, for 2hrs two days a week, and the chairs had really low backrests(as to prevent sleeping I'm sure). So undoubtedly this led to coffee on campus, then coffee off campus, then from there its all a blur. I have spent alot of money my iced coffees over these past two years, and seeing as I am officially out of the house(parent's house), my situation called for a change.

Anywhoo thats the spiel and here is my solution, I just purchased my very first coffee maker, a bag of ground coffee beans, a novelty Starbucks Venti Iced Coffee Cup(reusable, and limited edition), a pitcher to chill the coffee in(in the fridge), and my very own Starbucks Vanilla syrup. So I made my very first Iced Coffee last night and traipsed off to class this morning with homemade starbucks iced coffee...well I was proud at least.

Please please please let me know if you have any success stories about making your very own "homemade Starbucks Coffee", and feel free to share your own struggles, I would love to hear how you deal with the addiction...

Peace, Love, Fashion...and a whole lotta makeup


Pinklipssstick said...

love the "...a whole lotta make-up" ending.

and glad to see you're blogging again

tina_mbc said...

Glad to see a new post from you! :)

Yeah, I 've tried a "Iced White Caffe Mocha", without using any Starbucks products and after a couple of tries, it turned out ok!
Nth like Starbucks obviously...