Thursday, September 17, 2009

Things I am Loving

So I have switched up my makeup routine, as usually, and I have been in a none stop frenzy to perfect my look. Let me share the deets of my lastest a greatest makeup addictions...

Here is a numbered list, to keep things more orderly
1. Dark Room Nail Polish (Sephora by OPI)- loves loves loves it; touch up every 2 days to keep its amazing color vibrant(thats just a personal preference, not neccessary by any means)

2. Aquolina Pink Sugar Perfume- Heaven in a bottle; can't leave home without it on

3. My shorter hair, it keeps creeping up shorter and shorter; and my stylist is absolutely the BEST; she gave me a blunt cut on the ends(so chic, so fresh)

4. I wear light pastel pink lipstick everyday now, and my current favorite(though still debating Snob and St. Germain) is Babydoll by LORAC. It is absolutely stunning and creamy on the application, well worth every dollar I paid for it(though please do send your suggestions for other colors; its quite an obsession at the moment)

5. MAC Fibre Rich Mascara, nice change from the drugstore brands, not sticky and clumpy like some mascaras

Have a great week Ladies and Gents..


Sarah said...

I love pink lipstick aswell, ive been wearing Maxfactor Angel pink 610 for the past week, its super pink but sure Im having a bit of fun with it. Im writing my own blog on i would love if you checked it out. thanks a mill

Pinklipssstick said...

lol I have the Sephora Monopoly too