Friday, December 19, 2008

Tag Post

16 Facts Tag
1. I am a communication major, and I am officially half way through college, as of last Friday :)

2. I am a Libra, and I do not like big birthday celebrations

3. I started wearing makeup in 6th grade, it all started with drugstore makeup

4. I love sports, playing, not watching

5. I adore my family, and my brother is one of my best friends

6. I am a server

7. I am sensitive to others, and love to make people smile

8. I am known for laughing alot

9. When I graduate college I plan to buy a new car, haven't decided what kind yet.

10. I enjoy writing while listening to music

11. Starbucks is my true love, I can't imagine life without one on every street corner

12. I love to try new things

13. I talk way too much when I like somebody

14. I want to have three or four kids

15. I'm really dorky at times, ask any of my friends(but I own it!)

16. I love Christmas, it's my favorite time of the year!

With that said, Happy Holidays Ladies, and have a great New Years- Peace, I'm OUT!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Feeling Festive

Getting all ready for the holidays? well hopefully that was a yes, because I have a little treat here for anyone that enjoys baking during the holidays.

I am not an expert, and in fact I am going by a recipe I found online, but I still have no idea as to whether or not this is going to work, but here is goes...I making Peppermint Bark!

The link to the site where I got this recipe is

I did attempt making peppermint bark last year, but I forgot to use dark chocolate on the bottom, oops :).

This is the melted chocolate chips on a paper plate- probably a bad move- I needed non-stick paper. After putting the chocolate on a plate, and smoothing it out, I put it in the fridge for 15 mins so it could cool and harden.

Then I melted the white chocolate chips in the microwave. For both of these I put them for about 2-3 mins, but I kept a close watch on them, and stired often. Before the chocolate hardened I sprinkle broken candy cane all over it.

I put like 5 candy canes in a ziploc baggy and took a hammer to it...but don't go all out or you'll be left with candy cane dust!

Anyways I wanted to share this fun and easy way to make your own peppermint bark, and its really tasty too! Enjoy Gals

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Is It just me or....

So I have now used Mufe HD foundation about a day and a half, and guess what...I'm extremely worried right now. I thought it was so perfect and thus I dismissed the "what should have been" the blatently obvious signs at the end of last night. ` Sad to say this, but I noticed every flaw by the end of the night, it was like the foundation magnified lines, blemishes because it really dried out my skin.

I'm pretty bummed right now, and I need some advice from Mufe HD users, please tell me what I'm doing wrong. If not I think I'll be returning this foundation.

First off I'll admit that I have not been using a primer, well my HD sample primers are just about out- so I pretty don't get much out of the bottle. I was hoping that this is the problem, also I realize I need to drink more water, but with the Satinfinish Foundation I never noticed anything like this.

I am ready to try any skin care regimine that caters to dull skin with acne tendencies, I am seriously not happy with the performance of this foundation at this point.

Would love to hear your thoughts!

A Mini Haul

Along with Mufe HD I also picked up some other stuff, and it was kinda unplanned, one of those walking-to-the-register, impulse buys. I wanted to find a nude lip liner, and not wanting to break the bank...completely, I kept with the Sephora Brand, and 114 and 135 are the colors I picked. So here's the swatches of the liners, on top it is 114, and on the bottom 135.

I am happy with the lip liners, for how much I paid. No they are not the best, but they were only five dollars. I like the 114 color and the 135 seems to look best with Creme d' Nude out of all my lipsticks, so I like that.

The other thing is Smith's Rosebud Salve, I already had Smith's Minty Rose Lips, and this was right before the register, and since I was still in that Mufe HD haze, and such an easy sell, the products in the line got me..and I was just about up to the register too! Well either way it is a nice lip balm, but I admit I have yet to wear that solo when I go out, but it is definitely apart of the nighttime routine.

Also I picked up Cover Girl Lash Blast at Longs the other day, and I am pretty happy with it. In fact I am regretting my high-end waste of money when I purchased Dior Iconic. Though Iconic is a nice formula (but difficult to get off unless you have a good makeup remover), and the wand is really cool (in my opinion), it actually is very similar to the Lash Blast now I'm feeling pretty dumb. Oh well I have to say that the Iconic mascara definitely feels high-end, the package at least. And it was nice for a change ( I have always used Loreal and Maybelline mascaras til now).

I was super tempted to let my inhibitions go and scoop up a couple Revlon Colorstay foundations, but I didn't!! Well the reasons I was so tempted is because I have read about these from Lollipop26, and seeing that she compared Mufe HD to these, and I just bought HD, I was very intrigued..

Now the other reason that I was soooo tempted to throw caution to the wind and use the last coins in the piggy bank (so to speak), is because it was on one get one free...Now I know I may sound crazy, cause If I'm trying to save so much money, why wouldn't I just pour out the dough for one, and then have a supply of foundation that would possibly last me an entire year!?

Well I decided I know how easily I get bored, and guaranteed at least one of those foundations would have gone to waste, and I hate buying things I know I'm not going to use.

So that is that, and Yay For me, I said NO! No I am not giving the cosmetic industry ALL my mooonay!! LOL I'll just be giving it to MAC instead of Revlon I suppose... I know I'm just a crazy girl.

HD- Your so not even Surprised...

Okay I finally did it, I got Mufe HD. I was set on getting this foundation since about August, but it has just now hit the top of my priorities list, of coarse only once I got some important things worked out. So anyways I just used it today, and my first impression was, of coarse, "DAMN...this is GOOD". Yes, yes I know your all tired of hearing about Mufe HD foundation, but I just thought I would add to the other reviews in expressing appreciation for this product.

This foundation is the second liquid foundation that I have ever owned thus far, so yes, I am far from an expert on the subject. My first foundation was MAC's Satinfinish Foundation, which has worked well for me, and served to be exactly what I needed to get accustomed to using a liquid foundation. Satinfinish was not for Matte skin, but more of a dewy look (which I do like). Mufe HD is good for a matte look, which is the first reason I was set on trying it.

Also I knew that this foundation has been said to have great coverage while using little product. I used two small pumps to do my entire face, which would normally take 2-3 large pumps of Satinfinish, while at the same time leaving blemishes exposed.

This is not the case with Mufe HD. HD covered most of my blemishes and scars, and though I still reached for my studio fix concealer, I didn't need a whole lot of it.

Any how I was thinking as to why I am so enthused with this product, while other women are not. And it's really quite simple, this is best quality foundation I have tried thus far, and therefore I am totally in love with it.

All in all I am really happy with this product, so much that as of yet, I "plan" to continue using this foundation, unless of coarse there is another fad-foundation:). I would recommend this foundation for any one that has never tried a higher-end foundation, and is somehow unhappy with their current product. And especially for any one that has alot of blemishes or scars, we need the best formulas we can get.

This is the box- I picked shade 118, and I'm still debating as to whether or not this is my perfect tone...but so far so good.

So I am really happy, personally, to have picked up this foundation, as it may just be the answer my poor face needed all along(well that and some freaking acne products!!!)

Also, if you hadn't figured it out, I am currently (crossing my fingers) ending a breakout of acne, all around my cheeks. I am still on the hunt for a life-saver type of acne system or product that could be the answer to all this madness. So share any thoughts or testimonies if you have experienced acne, as I always love to hear from you.

And as always stay fabulous!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Girls Meets Myth...

Ladies and Gents, it is my pleasure to introduce a very near and dear, new friend of mine, Myth. It is this girl's best friend, and I've got a couple reasons why you should think so too.

Ok so maybe the intro was a bit over done, but if this lipstick is a stranger to your makeup collection, then I would suggest you get to a MAC counter and get it, now!

Yes girls it really is my best companion in my collection at the moment.
So you ask, what is so great about Myth..? Well here are a few reasons to love it-

1. Yes it is a thicker and more drying texture(when compared to Creme d' Nude), but this is actually nice for a change. I feel like my lips look much more natural, like the added gloss in "d'nude", and its pinky-ish undertones make my lips look rather made up.

2. Also I loved how little product is needed in order to get desired look, full and natural coverage. Yes I would imagine if you were to lather this on, well you might have concealer lips, but really all it takes is one swipe, then smack them lips together and you got a sexy, "I didn't put on makeup"-look.

3. Lastly I found that "d'nude" tends to slide off of my lips, and while it is moisturizing, it has a difficult time staying in place, therefore requiring often re-application(well that may be my OCD).

This is Myth against my hand...eerily similar in color don't ya think?

None the less I am fully in love with this lipstick, and it cracks me up thinking that I was scared of concealer lips, because with moderation Myth can be absolutely beautiful.
And I felt that it was time for you all to see my face, in more than just the profile pic, and sorry for the lame-esque feel of it, shall we whore time?

You might not be able to see but I am sporting my new beanie, and of coarse I needed to listen to my Ipod; it was the inspiration behind the smile :)

And I would proudly like to reveal that I have stopped my self tanning routine, it has been a whole week now...and I am actually quite satisfied, though I refuse to give up my bronzer!

I would love to hear what anyone thinks of Myth, and what Lipglasses would pair well with it...'til next time stay fab!