Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Mini Haul

Along with Mufe HD I also picked up some other stuff, and it was kinda unplanned, one of those walking-to-the-register, impulse buys. I wanted to find a nude lip liner, and not wanting to break the bank...completely, I kept with the Sephora Brand, and 114 and 135 are the colors I picked. So here's the swatches of the liners, on top it is 114, and on the bottom 135.

I am happy with the lip liners, for how much I paid. No they are not the best, but they were only five dollars. I like the 114 color and the 135 seems to look best with Creme d' Nude out of all my lipsticks, so I like that.

The other thing is Smith's Rosebud Salve, I already had Smith's Minty Rose Lips, and this was right before the register, and since I was still in that Mufe HD haze, and such an easy sell, the products in the line got me..and I was just about up to the register too! Well either way it is a nice lip balm, but I admit I have yet to wear that solo when I go out, but it is definitely apart of the nighttime routine.

Also I picked up Cover Girl Lash Blast at Longs the other day, and I am pretty happy with it. In fact I am regretting my high-end waste of money when I purchased Dior Iconic. Though Iconic is a nice formula (but difficult to get off unless you have a good makeup remover), and the wand is really cool (in my opinion), it actually is very similar to the Lash Blast now I'm feeling pretty dumb. Oh well I have to say that the Iconic mascara definitely feels high-end, the package at least. And it was nice for a change ( I have always used Loreal and Maybelline mascaras til now).

I was super tempted to let my inhibitions go and scoop up a couple Revlon Colorstay foundations, but I didn't!! Well the reasons I was so tempted is because I have read about these from Lollipop26, and seeing that she compared Mufe HD to these, and I just bought HD, I was very intrigued..

Now the other reason that I was soooo tempted to throw caution to the wind and use the last coins in the piggy bank (so to speak), is because it was on one get one free...Now I know I may sound crazy, cause If I'm trying to save so much money, why wouldn't I just pour out the dough for one, and then have a supply of foundation that would possibly last me an entire year!?

Well I decided I know how easily I get bored, and guaranteed at least one of those foundations would have gone to waste, and I hate buying things I know I'm not going to use.

So that is that, and Yay For me, I said NO! No I am not giving the cosmetic industry ALL my mooonay!! LOL I'll just be giving it to MAC instead of Revlon I suppose... I know I'm just a crazy girl.


yummy411 said...

sounds like the revlon would have been a better choice. is it oil free? i've seen pics of ppl in it and im not that impressed ;/

Pinklipssstick said...

I tagged you on my latest post! Tell us 16 things about yourself :)