Thursday, December 4, 2008

Girls Meets Myth...

Ladies and Gents, it is my pleasure to introduce a very near and dear, new friend of mine, Myth. It is this girl's best friend, and I've got a couple reasons why you should think so too.

Ok so maybe the intro was a bit over done, but if this lipstick is a stranger to your makeup collection, then I would suggest you get to a MAC counter and get it, now!

Yes girls it really is my best companion in my collection at the moment.
So you ask, what is so great about Myth..? Well here are a few reasons to love it-

1. Yes it is a thicker and more drying texture(when compared to Creme d' Nude), but this is actually nice for a change. I feel like my lips look much more natural, like the added gloss in "d'nude", and its pinky-ish undertones make my lips look rather made up.

2. Also I loved how little product is needed in order to get desired look, full and natural coverage. Yes I would imagine if you were to lather this on, well you might have concealer lips, but really all it takes is one swipe, then smack them lips together and you got a sexy, "I didn't put on makeup"-look.

3. Lastly I found that "d'nude" tends to slide off of my lips, and while it is moisturizing, it has a difficult time staying in place, therefore requiring often re-application(well that may be my OCD).

This is Myth against my hand...eerily similar in color don't ya think?

None the less I am fully in love with this lipstick, and it cracks me up thinking that I was scared of concealer lips, because with moderation Myth can be absolutely beautiful.
And I felt that it was time for you all to see my face, in more than just the profile pic, and sorry for the lame-esque feel of it, shall we whore time?

You might not be able to see but I am sporting my new beanie, and of coarse I needed to listen to my Ipod; it was the inspiration behind the smile :)

And I would proudly like to reveal that I have stopped my self tanning routine, it has been a whole week now...and I am actually quite satisfied, though I refuse to give up my bronzer!

I would love to hear what anyone thinks of Myth, and what Lipglasses would pair well with it...'til next time stay fab!


Yas said...

Ahhh! You find the best nude lippies! Thanks looks gorgeous on you. I'm a huge sucker for amazing nude lippies! ;)

StyleVixenMUA said...

Yas- Girl it is amazing, and I have to say it really isn't as intimidating as I thought.:)

xdollyx16 said...

I absolutely love Myth!!! Love the effortless result too, which is why I tend to use it almost everyday! :) I don't really use anything on top...just let my nude lips show! :)

Yelebella said...

Girl, you are GORGEOUS!! Way hotter than Posh Spice. Myth is one of my favorites!! I've been sporting it for years and years now...substituting it sometimes with Fleshpot, or Creme D'Nude, or Hue, or Malibu (Victoria's Secret)...what else. But basically Myth is one of my favorites! I just started blogging, so if you come visit my blog in the future, you'll see a segment on super nude lips :-)

Take care!

Av said...

Have just become a fan of nude lippie! Have creme d'nude but would like a gloss to go over it and the mac counter where out of sugarrimmed - bummer!! Have to go on Sunday with my bac2mac which should I go for myth or Hue???? Big dilema!! You look amazing by the way x

StyleVixenMUA said...

I just got Hue a couple weeks ago, it has a slight pink color to it, where as Myth is just light, with no apparent pink. Either would be a good investment if your like nude lips. And a good replacement for sugarrimmed would be BareEssentials Buxom Lips in Dominique- its gorgeous.

smiley13tree said...

wow it looks beautiful on you! definitely too scared to try myself.

yummy411 said...

i think your lips do look like posh's!!!!

happy1234 said...

I have to have this!!!

Kastina said...

BAH! I love it. I've been looking for something like this forever. Awesome. Where are you studying Comm.? I am too...but in Minnesota.