Sunday, December 7, 2008

HD- Your so not even Surprised...

Okay I finally did it, I got Mufe HD. I was set on getting this foundation since about August, but it has just now hit the top of my priorities list, of coarse only once I got some important things worked out. So anyways I just used it today, and my first impression was, of coarse, "DAMN...this is GOOD". Yes, yes I know your all tired of hearing about Mufe HD foundation, but I just thought I would add to the other reviews in expressing appreciation for this product.

This foundation is the second liquid foundation that I have ever owned thus far, so yes, I am far from an expert on the subject. My first foundation was MAC's Satinfinish Foundation, which has worked well for me, and served to be exactly what I needed to get accustomed to using a liquid foundation. Satinfinish was not for Matte skin, but more of a dewy look (which I do like). Mufe HD is good for a matte look, which is the first reason I was set on trying it.

Also I knew that this foundation has been said to have great coverage while using little product. I used two small pumps to do my entire face, which would normally take 2-3 large pumps of Satinfinish, while at the same time leaving blemishes exposed.

This is not the case with Mufe HD. HD covered most of my blemishes and scars, and though I still reached for my studio fix concealer, I didn't need a whole lot of it.

Any how I was thinking as to why I am so enthused with this product, while other women are not. And it's really quite simple, this is best quality foundation I have tried thus far, and therefore I am totally in love with it.

All in all I am really happy with this product, so much that as of yet, I "plan" to continue using this foundation, unless of coarse there is another fad-foundation:). I would recommend this foundation for any one that has never tried a higher-end foundation, and is somehow unhappy with their current product. And especially for any one that has alot of blemishes or scars, we need the best formulas we can get.

This is the box- I picked shade 118, and I'm still debating as to whether or not this is my perfect tone...but so far so good.

So I am really happy, personally, to have picked up this foundation, as it may just be the answer my poor face needed all along(well that and some freaking acne products!!!)

Also, if you hadn't figured it out, I am currently (crossing my fingers) ending a breakout of acne, all around my cheeks. I am still on the hunt for a life-saver type of acne system or product that could be the answer to all this madness. So share any thoughts or testimonies if you have experienced acne, as I always love to hear from you.

And as always stay fabulous!


xdollyx16 said...

I would have never guessed it from your pics (you look gorgeous), but I know from experience that acne is a b****!!! Hope it's finally over!!! As for the HD foundation, I 've never tried it, but I'm considering it, after listening good things about it...But the thing with foundation...I 've always considered it the most "personal" makeup choice...! Would love to see how it works for you after a few days - weeks! :)

sadira86 said...

have you ever tried proactiv for acne? i know it's kind of hit or miss with people but i had a great experience with it. my skin hasn't been this clear in at least 2 years. and using bare escentuals along with it helped too. which is another thing, i really want to try the mufe hd foundation but i'm scared about a breakout since i finally have things under control.

StyleVixenMUA said...

Sadira86- Ya I used Proactive in High school and it worked great for a while, then it stopped. I didn't like how drying the products were. I think I might start using Bare Essentials Foundation again, and alternate with the HD.

StyleVixenMUA said...

xdollyx16- Thank you btw:) But I totally agree that foundation is very personal, but you know fads, they seem to get the best of me:).

Av said...

Hi, would you believe I just bought this today. I had a sample that I was trying out and loved it so I finally bought it today! Will be writing about it tomm if you wanna have a look at my blog! Picked up a sample of the powder today (as couldnt afford to buy both) so am dying to try the two together!!