Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Feeling Festive

Getting all ready for the holidays? well hopefully that was a yes, because I have a little treat here for anyone that enjoys baking during the holidays.

I am not an expert, and in fact I am going by a recipe I found online, but I still have no idea as to whether or not this is going to work, but here is goes...I making Peppermint Bark!

The link to the site where I got this recipe is

I did attempt making peppermint bark last year, but I forgot to use dark chocolate on the bottom, oops :).

This is the melted chocolate chips on a paper plate- probably a bad move- I needed non-stick paper. After putting the chocolate on a plate, and smoothing it out, I put it in the fridge for 15 mins so it could cool and harden.

Then I melted the white chocolate chips in the microwave. For both of these I put them for about 2-3 mins, but I kept a close watch on them, and stired often. Before the chocolate hardened I sprinkle broken candy cane all over it.

I put like 5 candy canes in a ziploc baggy and took a hammer to it...but don't go all out or you'll be left with candy cane dust!

Anyways I wanted to share this fun and easy way to make your own peppermint bark, and its really tasty too! Enjoy Gals


Emma said...

Yummy! : )

Yelebella said...

How cute!!!! I bet it tastes so good! You go girl :-)

KerryMarie said...

tag you're it

Emma said...

tag your it! : )

emilynoel83 said...

that looks good! I actually bought some peppermint bark just the other day- i should try making my own too! :)