Sunday, December 7, 2008

Is It just me or....

So I have now used Mufe HD foundation about a day and a half, and guess what...I'm extremely worried right now. I thought it was so perfect and thus I dismissed the "what should have been" the blatently obvious signs at the end of last night. ` Sad to say this, but I noticed every flaw by the end of the night, it was like the foundation magnified lines, blemishes because it really dried out my skin.

I'm pretty bummed right now, and I need some advice from Mufe HD users, please tell me what I'm doing wrong. If not I think I'll be returning this foundation.

First off I'll admit that I have not been using a primer, well my HD sample primers are just about out- so I pretty don't get much out of the bottle. I was hoping that this is the problem, also I realize I need to drink more water, but with the Satinfinish Foundation I never noticed anything like this.

I am ready to try any skin care regimine that caters to dull skin with acne tendencies, I am seriously not happy with the performance of this foundation at this point.

Would love to hear your thoughts!


Anonymous said...

hey beauty awareness. when i got the MUFE foundation, i tossed it back into my drawer because i had hope for it.

and for me, i have normal/dry skin so i need to definitely moisturize my skin heavily before i apply this foundation. i realized that this foundation is a natural type of look.

but for me, i use my mac 187 or my mac 109 (which is even better) to stipple and then buff in the product. i use the MUFE hd powder over it and it looks very nice.

my only recommendation is to truly moisturize very well. i use mac's moisture lush or my neutrogena oil-free face lotion for sensitive skin.

you could use a primer like prep + prime (although it doesnt work for me) or smashbox's photo finish. all i suggest is dont lose hope yet. i know sephora has a great return policy. :) hope this helped!

StyleVixenMUA said...

Beautydoll- You know I gave it another try, both last night and today, and so far much better. I ran over to the grocery store after i wrote that entry, and bought Olay Regenerist Therma peel- I think thats the name, and now I am using a better moisturizer. So far the difference is amazing, so I'm going to wait a few days and monitor my skin.

M said...

i actually returned it because it doesn't last very long and seem to have a clogging effect on my skin =(

Yelebella said...

I used to have this foundation, and....I couldn't find an exact opinion on it. For how much it cost, I expected more from it. To be honest, it was not the worst, but it was by far not the best. I think everyone's skin is a bit dryer right now, so I wouldn't worry about that part too much. Just moisturize a bit more.