Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bare Essentials Eyes

Hey ladies, today is all about the brand that I first loved, and no it wasn't MAC. Today is the begining of a little experiment between my MAC products(starting with eye shadows), and Bare Essentials. Bare Essentials is known as a healthier alternative to many of the brands we all know and love(MAC in particular). For a while now I have been completely devoted to MAC products and quickly got accustomed to the quality of their lipsticks, eyeshadows, and blushes. But...of coarse I am shifting back and forth between B.E. and MAC because they both have alot to offer, as well as offering a little variety. So it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that I was back in B.E. today, scouting out my next eyeshadows. The three shadows I snatched up are grace, twig, and firefly. All of these are bordering the neutral and brown color categories, but I am uber excited to give these all a chance. My first challenge, a smokey eye fit for daytime, but a look that easily transfers to a sultry night look. I am headed to use these all for my date tommorrow night, and I fully intend on sharing all the deets with you(only about the colors and how my smokey eye looked of coarse!).

So I did attempt a swatch for you all, but after I saw how horribly my hands photographed, I decided to stick with the pics while the product remains INSIDE the packaging. So heres a peek of the loot:

The shadow on the very top, twig, is a brown/mauve/plum, which in turn looks like a rich brown from a distance. I plan to use this on my outer 2/3 of my lid. I have not decided yet whether or not to accompany 'firefly' in the 'outer v', or use a matte black or brown(my bets on the matte shadow).

As for the inner 1/3 of my lid grace is so far looking like a sure bet, and I actually want to take this color beyond just my lids. Because this color resembles Vanilla pigment(MAC), I am going to attempt a little highlighting action; which is why I was so enthusiastic about this one. In fact it was amusing that I kept picking this one while perusing all the eye glimmers at B.E.(which in my world meant it was truly fate for me to get 'grace'.

That's about it for my speil on B.E. shadows, and to keep updated on a play by play notice, follow me on my twitter under the username Stylevixenmua.
'Til then stay Fabulous ladies/gents!

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