Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm impressed

So if you followed my last post, you will understand how excited I am right now, because I used my new B.E. Eye glimmers, and I was totally satitisfied. First off I must praise 'grace' glimmer for it's versatility and I loved it as an addition to my evening look. Used 'grace' in the inner third as I had originally planned, and then as an experiment I took it down to my cheek bones, right above my blush, and behold my new favorite combination: 'well-dressed' with B.E. 'grace' glimmer above. This took my look from day to night.

As for my eyeshadow combnation I desparately tried to refrain from using my any MAC, but I couldn't help myself. So in the end I used 'twig' on my 'outer v', Grace on the inner 1/3 of my lid with (and I hate to admit this) 'print' & 'folie' matte shadows by MAC. I know this was ultimately breaking the rules of my self-induced 'pain', but I couldn't resist, and boy am I glad I broke the rules. The outcome was a super se y/sultry look that lasted from day, and with a little extra shadow in the 'outer v' & crease; all the way into the evening.

I will be further experimenting with these shades, and my next shade will be firefly. I am once again day dreaming of which colors to best commpliment this gorgeous coppery shadow; will report the results soon with further reviews.
'Till then XOXO, Stay Fabulous ladies!

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Krystallia said...

This sounds nice,you should post some pictures when possible to take a look:))