Friday, November 7, 2008

I can't believe It's Not MAC

Alrighty, so I hate to identify myself as a slave-to-MAC, but by the way I have been shopping lately, you might think I was. So for me it was exciting when I bought my first non-mac lipstick. And there it is(above), the Hedi Klum limited edition lipstick. The thing that really caught my eye about this lipstick is that it is completely covered with sparkles. The camera didn't do it any justice, but this is a nude, light lipstick with tons of little sparkles on the very outside. But don't think that it makes your lips look too sparkly, because once you get past the very first layer of the lipstick, its pretty much the exact replica of Quiet, Please(Red She Said, MAC Holiday Collection).
The part that made this so exciting was that it opened my eyes to the amazing potential of the Very Sexy(name of the V.S. makeup line)makeup at Victoria's Secret. And hence I also tried out one of the Sheer Moisture Lipsticks(in Shy). They have a few different types of lipsticks, Perfect Lipstick, and Very Sexy Sparkling Lipstick, but the Sheer Moisture really is moisturizing, and yes it lasts. I wore it to work tonight and it lasted almost my whole shift, and it didn't dry out my lips like some other lip products.
OKAY so heres the best part, during the entire month of November, anytime you make a purchase over 10 dollars you get a Secret Santa card(which will have either 10,50,100, or 500 dollars on it), and then you can redeem it between December 1-24.
So I don't know about ya'll, but I'm gonna be buying alot of makeup at Victoria's Secret

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