Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Confessions of a NARS addict

YES, I know, there have already been so many raving reviews on the NARS blushes, but I can't help myself! So last week when I was on my way home from school I decided to stop by sephora to check out some skincare products, well needless to say I got extremely distracted (with NARS), and what do ya know, I now have Madly blush. I had been wanting to get this blush from looking at it online, but in person this blush is just so much better than the site gives it credit for. Ok so I wasn't going to spend the cash, in fact I planned not to, but for any girl who has owned a NARS blush, I'm sure they would agree that once you get one (blush), YOU WANT THEM ALL!

Now this color is definitely reminiscent of my other bronzers that I talked about last week, but it is however slightly sheer in comparison, and so so lovely on the cheeks. It is a light blush that reminds me of a peach based color, and not really gold but it does have a bit of shimmer. All I can advise is anyone looking for a neutral blush.
Ok so I kind of feel guilty for splurging, when hoping to save, but when I actually got home and put a bit of Madly on my cheeks I couldn't help but love it. The product goes on extremely pigmented, even for how light this shade is, but it is definitely buildable. I like to pack on cheek color so that is one major plus for any NARS blush, as you only need one swipe of the brush to get amazing color payoff. I've pretty much reiterated everything that sephorajunkie, loudlud81, and others have already said about NARS, but common people I had to share my excitement with somebody!

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