Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Winter Makeup Changes

What is "winter makeup" to you? Does it mean pulling out the dark hair dye, vampy lips and dark nails? That is what I myself have been contemplating recently... which direction to take my look for the winter season.

Over the summer I had pale pink nails and tan. And it worked, I loved it. But now that the sun is gone and so is my tan, I am really starting to feel the dark nails. Took a break from them but here I am once again. (current color of choice is OPI's We'll Always Have Paris")

As for me I am keeping my hair dark for now, a natural fit for winter, but no changes there.

And instead of deep red/burgundy lips Im opting for a much less dramatic effect, though still colorful (as we all need a little boost of color in the gloomy days of winter) lipgloss. Now I am a new convert to lipgloss(as i had always been a lipstick feene), and Im almost embarrassed that dazzleglasses are often my product of choice. It must be something about the dimensional look when you have sparkly lips. I love how they look in the tubes (disclaimer:I am duped by packaging/overall outward appearance of products all too often).

Speaking of Packaging, has anyone checked out A Tartan Tale at MAC? Well I did and I was totally sold on the face palette Hark the Heraldry(a pink blush trio). I love that its so different for me, so instead of using strictly bronzer I have begun to branch out into a pink blush phase...i really like it with my dark hair.

To switch gears..

My new wardrobe choices consist of scarves, pea coats, skinny jeans from F21(in black), and possibly a beanie as the cold begins to really set in.

On a cheerie note I have something that is extremely exciting for me, actually make that two things.
1. I finally got the product I made my very first blog about(2 years ago), and I never justified buying until now: The Sleeping Mask from Breakfast at Tiffany's: Holly GoNightly on Fred I always wanted it and now I have it!!!!
And there it hangs on my wall :

2. I got this amazing DKNY watch today and its PERFECT!! Since one of my latest obsessions has been watches I thought I wanted to get an all gold watch, but I gave myself some time, slept on it, and wahhlaaaaa heres my newest, silver, addition to the family:

And the last thought of the night has to do with the new Dior nail varnishes: Timeless Gold ...what do you all think? Worth the $$...?

Yours truly,

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Barbie said...

The nail polish looks great!

Would love to see pictures of your "winter makeup."

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