Friday, July 23, 2010

The "aha" moment

Hi All!
You know when the lightbulb goes off, and it all makes sense...well how about with makeup? This is pretty much how I have realized what suits me best, so here are the things I am OBSESSED with, and the products that I chose not to live without. I am mostly going to talk about makeup but a few non-makeup items as well.

When it comes to my summer style I have never really changed my look, but this year I had to wear the pastel pink nails. Not just pastel pink nails, but acrylic nails. I love it!!!! It feels so fresh and beautiful (and its such a contrast since I wore the short dark nails for a long time). In addition to nail color I also changed my hair color, though it may sound a bit backwards, I had dyed blonde hair, and for the summer I went back to my natural hair color which is a dark chocolate brown. And let me tell you I am loving being a brunette so much more.

Next, on a different note, I just started going to spinning classes at my gym, and it is SOOOOO much fun! Lots of work but so worth it. And in general I have been keeping active, from tennis to hiking I am loving working out.

One thing that I was absolutely obsessed with, and just got, is the Michael Kors White Ceramic watch with gold glitz, its GORGEOUS!!!! I saw it walking through Nordies everyday on my way to get coffee, and I finally caved and bought the thing, no regrets there.

As for my makeup MUSTS, I will list them, and keep in mind i am attached at the hip with these products:
1. Dior Airflash Foundation- love love love!!!
2. Dior Crayon Eyeliner in Black
3. NARS Laguna Bronzer
4. Dior Blackout on top of Iconic Mascara
5. Extra Amps Dazzleglass
6. And lipliner!!

And thats pretty much everything that has been on mind recently, besides my school work (only one year left!!!), and my last obsessions are watching the Real Housewives of OC & NJ, oversized sunglasses, and platform sandals... but not overcast summer days :(

Til later,

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